3 in 1 wireless charger Apple Charging Station Custom Wholesale Factories in China

Fit for Samsung, Google Nexus, LG, and All Mobile phone supporting wireless charging
Material: ABS +PC
Input Voltage:  12V/3A, 9V/3A, 5V/2A
Output Voltage: 15W,10W, 7.5W, 5W
Certificate: QI,KC ,FCC, CE, RoHS
Product Size:  150x70x3mm
Wireless Charging Standard Qi(WPC), KC, CE, RoHS, FCC certified, patent design.
Input interface TYPE-C Charging Cable
FOD function: YES
Indicator light:  Power indicator
Standard Qi international: WPC standard
Compatible for Android and Apple mobile phones
Charging Conversion Rate Larger than 80%
Charging Distance:  4-10mm
Warranty 1 Year
Package List Charger, Type-C Cable, User Manual
OEM/ODM Warmly accepted


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[ Qi WPC Standard]: Use wireless charger is rigorously certified and tested by Qi. Built-in smart chip can automatically detect the required current for charging devices.

[FOD function]: It can detect the object on it whether it is phone. If not, it will not begin to charge.

[Safe charging]: There are smart chip for over-current, over-temperature and short-circuit protection. The charger will automatically interrupt charging when the phone power reaches full. No need to remove your phone case when charging.

[Output power]: 4 power, 15W-10W-7.5W-5W.

[Long charging distance]: The charging distance is long as 8mm. No need to take off the phone case when charging

[Power indicator]: Power status indicator.


[High quality]
The charging pad is designed with an ABS + PC Fire-proof material body . The glass panel can protect your device from scratches. The load surface adopts matte non-slip design, equipped with 4 non-slip feet, to bring you a stable and friendly charging experience. Equipped with independent non-slip silicone pad.

[Unique design]
Phone charging part can be adjusted height as a phone stand, can also be completely folded flat, convenient storage, travel and tourism to carry. The headset charging part can also charge the phone, is a wireless charger that can charge two phones at the same time, dual coil design folding the phone is also very fast.

[Suitable for mobile phone case]
The wireless charger board can be charged by most mobile phone cases (≤ 6 mm / 0.24 inch) without removing the phone case repeatedly. Just place the device in the correct location, no need to fumble for your cables. Keep away from metal accessories to prevent charging interference.

[Safe charging]

Approved by Qi, CE, FCC and ROHS. Built-in protection against overcharge, overcurrent and overvoltage, temperature control, and foreign object detection to ensure that all devices are fully protected during the charging process.

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D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Al**

Country: Poland

Cooperation time: 2 years

Before Cooperation:

Want to start own brand, but at the beginning, the order quantity is lower. No suppliers are willing to do his order

After Cooperation:

  1. We accepted the order and gave him full assistance.
  2. Free catalog, package, poster, picutres designed for him
  3. Now his brand is growing and order quantity become more

D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Mar**

Country: USA

Cooperation time: 4 years

Before Cooperation:

  1. Poor sales of the customer’s own brand
  2. No brand image design, packaging, posters, videos etc
  3. Unable to do a market analysis and understanf market conditions

After Cooperation:

  1. Achieved 436% annual growth in customer performance in the two years of cooperation


D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Se**

Country: Argentina

Cooperation time: 6 years

Before Cooperation:

  1. Product categories are disorganized and unprofessional
  2. The product has no characteristics and fails to highlights the comprtitive advantage of the brand
  3. Without the core competitiveness of the brand

After Cooperation:

  1. Achieved an average annual growth 37%
  2. Jointly develop a private model to enhance brand competitiveness, the peak annual purchase increased 135%


D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Ser***

Country: Russa

Cooperation time: 7 years

Before Cooperation:

  1. The original supplier has lower comprehensive competitiveness in product features, price, and quality
  2. The market competition is fierce, and the market share of a certain catagory of customers declines

After Cooperation:

  1. At present, we have become the only supplier of a certain category for the customer, and the annual purchase of a single catagory is up to 700.000$
  2. Developed new products according to the market trend to seize the market, and the sales of the declining catagory increased by 43% on average every year.


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