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Product Description

3-in-2 3A Type C/USB to Type C Lightning Micro USB Charger Nylon Fast Charge 5 in 1 USB Charging Cable

Features : 
1. Double head full protocols fast charging . Support both IOS and Android apply to any phone models ,3 different inferface for all mobile phones , one cable meets all your demands .
2. Double input and triple output ,fast charging light indicator ,
3. 3 ports for fast charging,fast charge for your laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
4. Supports 27W fast charging for Apple 13 Pro Max , Smart chip multiple charge protectiom, automatically adjust the current ensure data transmissions stable .
5. High Current 5A charging compatible with Huawei Super-fast Charging ,Compatible with multi protocols and can fast charge Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, and other devices.
6. 8 stranded tinned copper wire, Low temperature & Anti-heat Ultra-safe Charging

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6 in 1 Charging Cable

6 in 1 Charging Cable

6 in 1 Charging Cable

6 in 1 Charging Cable

6 in 1 Charging Cable

6 in 1 Charging Cable

6 in 1 Charging Cable






6 in 1 Charging Cable


As a professional manufacturer of mobile accessories in China, we can offer you a wide range of mobile accessories, like cables, chargers, power banks etc

Below are some samples of our product for your reference firstly.

Also, we can offer customized items based on your requirements. Feel free to contact us!

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Different Material and Function

TPE & PVC cable

Braided Cable

Silicone Cable

Different Ports

Android Cable

Type C Cable

Lightning Cable


USB C-Lighting Cable

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Multifunction Cable

3 in 1 Cable

4 in 1 Cable

5 in 1  Cable

6 in 1 Cable

What We Can Do

Shenzhen D-wireless Co., Ltd. is an OEM manufacturer of mobile accessories. It already has ISO 9001:2015 quality system certificate.

Choose us as a cooperation partner, is equal to share the below advantages:

**Own package and logo printing factory, support small quantity custom

**6+ designers support your ID and packing design.

**10+ sales team follow your order from sampling to mass production until shipping and after-sale service.

**30+ QC staff to inspect the product quality

The Core developed vision and mission of our company is to pursue professional OEM mobile accessories manufacturer service to all customers.

D-wireless mobile accessories

Production Line Pictures

Cable Facotry

Cable Facotry

Cable Factory

Cable Factory

Cable Factory

Warehouse Video

We have large stock of cable, no matter netural order and OEM order, we can deliver very fast.





Successful Customer Stories

D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Al**

Country: Poland

Cooperation time: 2 years

Before Cooperation:

Want to start own brand, but at the beginning, the order quantity is lower. There are no suppliers willing to do his order

After Cooperation:

  1. We accepted the order and gave him full assistance.
  2. Free catalog, package, poster, picutres designing for him
  3. Now his brand is growing and order quantity become more

D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Mar**

Country: USA

Cooperation time: 4 years

Before Cooperation:

  1. Poor sales of the customer’s own brand
  2. No brand iamge design, packaging, posters, videos etc
  3. Unable to do market analysis and understanf market condictions

After Cooperation:

  1. Achieved 436% annual growth in customer perfromance in the two year of cooperation


D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Se**

Country: Argentina

Cooperation time: 6 years

Before Cooperation:

  1. Product categories are disorganized and unprofessional
  2. The product has no charactristics and fails to highlights the comprtitive advantage of the brand
  3. Without the core competitiveness of the brand

After Cooperation:

  1. Achieved an average anualfrowth 37%
  2. Jointly develop private model to enhance brand competitiveness, the peak annual purchase increased 135%


D-wireless mobile accessories

Customer name: Ser***

Country: Russa

Cooperation time: 7 years

Before Cooperation:

  1. The original supplier has lower comprehensive competitiveness in product features, price, and quality
  2. The market competition is fierce, and the market share of a certain category of customers declines

After Cooperation:

  1. At present, we has become the only supplier of a certain category for the customer, and the annual purchase of a single category is up to 700.000$
  2. Developed new products according to the market trend to seize the market, and the sales of declining category increased by 43% on average every year.


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