Magsafe 2 Charger 45W/60W/85W Magsage Power Adapter OEM Wholesale Manufacturer in China

Input: 100-240V , 50/60Hz
Output: 30W/61W/87W/96W/100W/118W/45W/60W/85W
Product interface: type-c, L/T head (45W/60W/85W)
Plug: US, EU, UK, AU
Applicable models: models of various devices with Apple MacBook notebook TYPE-C interface
Quality advantage:
①. Intelligent MCU control. Ultra-low internal resistance, MOS tube, Schottky. Double-sided aluminum skin for better heat dissipation. The case temperature is lower and more even. Comprehensively solve the fatal problem of ignition of the charging head. Aging at full load.
STM chip technology, the pad is stronger, the product is beautiful and generous, the shell is made of high temperature resistance and flame retardant, and ultrasonic welding is used, which is safe and reliable to use
③.New environmental protection circuit, environmental protection circuit design; low heat generation, with overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection function
④. Using high-quality components, high reliability, high efficiency; good anti-interference performance; small DC ripple, low noise
⑤. The high-efficiency transformer device has high output voltage accuracy, good insulation performance, two-stage anti-interference output filter, standard high and low-stage EMC filter, standard PCB safety voltage creepage distance, and small output voltage ripple
⑥.Using ABS + PC material, with fire protection function, stable and environmental protection

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