45w vs 65w charger: which one is better

65W GaN charger

Choosing between a 45W and a 65W PD (Power Delivery) charger involves considering various factors such as power requirements, price, size, temperature, and compatibility with your devices. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

45W PD Charger


  • Designed for mid-range power needs.
  • Generally lighter and more compact.


  • Adequate for most smartphones, tablets, and some ultrabooks.
  • Usually less expensive than higher-wattage chargers.


  • Slower charging for devices that can accept higher wattage.
  • May not be suitable for larger laptops or devices with higher power requirements.

65W PD Charger


  • Offers more power, suitable for a broader range of devices.
  • Can charge larger laptops more efficiently.


  • Faster charging for compatible devices.
  • Versatile for a range of electronic gadgets.


  • Generally larger and heavier than 45W chargers.
  • Could be more expensive.


Aspect45W charger65W charger
Power (charging time)LowerFaster
TemperatureLowerSlightly higher
Applicable sizesmartphones, tablets, some ultrabooks etcsmartphone, tablets, larger laptops etc


  • 65W chargers deliver more power, ideal for faster charging and for devices with higher power demands.


  • 45W chargers are often more budget-friendly.


  • 45W chargers are typically more compact and portable.


  • Both may generate heat, but this varies by design and usage.

Both 45W GaN charger and 65W GaN charger, in the process of using, are different degrees of heat, many people are curious why this is. This is because of the loss of power in the conversion process, part of the energy will be converted into heat, resulting in the charger plug appearing hot. It is a normal phenomenon, do not worry about the existence of any risk or so on.GaN chargers compared to ordinary chargers, in the charging process, the heat generated is relatively low.

Applicable Devices

  • 45W: Suitable for smartphones, tablets, and some laptops.
  • 65W: Better for high-power laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Common Chargers in the Market

  1. 45W with 1 USB-C Port: Ideal for single-device charging.
  2. 45W with 1 USB + 1 USB-C Ports: Offers versatility for charging multiple types of devices.
  3. 45W with 2 USB-C Ports: Suitable for charging two USB-C devices simultaneously.
  4. 65W with 1 USB + 1 USB-C Port: Balances between power and versatility.
  5. 65W with 1 USB + 2 USB-C Ports: High power and multiple port options for various devices.

Choosing the Right Charger

  • Consider the devices you need to charge. If you have a high-power laptop, a 65W charger may be more appropriate.
  • Think about portability if you travel often.
  • Assess the number of devices you need to charge at once.


Both 45W and 65W PD chargers have their own set of advantages and limitations. Your choice should depend on the specific requirements of your devices, your budget, and your need for portability. Higher wattage chargers offer faster charging and broader compatibility, while lower wattage chargers are more portable and cost-effective for devices with lower power needs.


1. Does a 65W Charger Charge Faster than a 45W Charger?

  • Yes, a 65W charger generally charges faster than a 45W charger, assuming the device being charged can support the higher wattage. This is because the 65W charger can deliver more power (more watts) to the device, reducing charging time.

2. What Happens If You Use a 65W Charger Instead of a 45W for a Phone?

  • If your phone is compatible with a 65W charger, it can safely charge at a faster rate. Modern smartphones and the charger communicate to draw only the required power, so using a 65W charger on a device originally paired with a 45W charger should not be harmful.

3. Is a 65W Charger Considered a Fast Charger?

  • Yes, a 65W charger is typically considered a fast charger, especially for smartphones and tablets. It can significantly reduce charging times compared to standard chargers.

4. Can I Use a 45W Charger Instead of 65W for a Mac?

  • : While you can technically use a 45W charger for a device originally paired with a 65W charger, such as a Mac, it may charge the device slower and might not be sufficient if the device is under heavy usage.

5. What Happens If You Use a 60W Charger Instead of 45W?

  • Using a 60W charger instead of a 45W charger can lead to faster charging, provided the device supports it. The device will only draw the power it needs, so it should not cause harm.

6. Is 65W Charging Safe for Samsung Devices?

  • Yes, if the Samsung device supports 65W charging, it is safe. The device will regulate the power intake to ensure safe charging.

7. Can I Use a 45W Charger Instead of a 65W Charger?

  • You can use a 45W charger instead of a 65W charger, but it will likely result in slower charging speeds. It’s important to ensure the charger is compatible with the device’s charging port and requirements.

8. Can I Use a 45W Charger for a 65W Computer?

  • You can use a 45W charger for a computer that comes with a 65W charger, but the charging will be slower, and it might not be able to supply enough power if the computer is used for power-intensive tasks while charging.

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