Popular GaN Charger Watts in the Market

GaN charger

Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers have revolutionized the world of charging technology, offering high efficiency in a compact size. Let’s explore the popular GaN charger wattages available in the market and their distinct features:

20W GaN Chargers

These 20W chargers are ideal for smartphones and small devices. Their compact size makes them perfect for travel or minimalistic setups. The 20W output is sufficient for fast charging most modern smartphones, offering a balance between speed and portability. And this 20W Apple charger with Type C and USB ports, you can charge two devices at the same time.

GaN fast Charger
apple charger 20w

30W GaN Chargers

A step up from the 20W, these chargers provide a bit more power, suitable for larger phones and some tablets. They maintain a small footprint while offering faster charging times. This wattage is popular among users who need a bit more speed but still value portability. Apple adapter 30w can be used for Google, Samsung, iPhone etc.

Apple 30w Charger
Apple 30w Charger

45W GaN Chargers

The Samsung 45W GaN chargers cater to a broader range of devices, including tablets, small laptops, and ultrabooks. They are a popular choice for professionals and students who require a charger that can handle a laptop and a smartphone efficiently.

45w charger usb-c
45w charger usb-c

65W GaN Chargers

These are among the most versatile chargers. Suitable for charging larger laptops, tablets, and phones, they can often charge multiple devices simultaneously. The 65W charger is a favorite for its balance of power and size, making it ideal for work and travel. And this 65W USB C charger with 2 Type C and 1 USB ports, you can charger three devices at the same time.

65w usb c charger
65w usb c charger

100W GaN Chargers

At the high end of the spectrum, 100W chargers are designed for power users. They can charge high-end laptops, gaming devices, and can often charge several devices at once without compromising charging speed. These are larger in size but are unbeatable in terms of power output.

gan charger 100w
gan charger 100w


GaN chargers have become a preferred choice for their efficiency, size, and power output. Whether you’re a casual smartphone user or a professional needing to power multiple high-demand devices, there’s a GaN charger tailored for your needs. As technology advances, we can expect even more powerful and efficient charging solutions in this category.

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