Samsung 25w vs 45w charger: what’s the difference?

Samsung 25w vs 45w charger


When choosing between Samsung’s 25W and 45W chargers, understanding their differences, especially in charging speed, is crucial for making an informed decision. These chargers are designed to meet different needs and are compatible with a variety of devices. Below are the key differences in their charging speeds.

Charging Speed

The 45W charger can charge compatible devices much faster than the 25W charger. This is because it delivers more power, which is particularly beneficial for devices that support super-fast charging.

So how to calculate the charging speed?

25W Charger

The detailed specification is USB-C(PD): 5V/3A; 9V/2.77A. 9*2.77=24.93W

25w samsung charger

45W Charger

The detailed specification is USB-C(PD): 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A; 20V/2.25A. 20*2.25=45W

45 Watt Charger
From the detailed specifications, you can see the difference. 45W charger can charge on 20V, but 25W charger can only charge on 9V, so 45W charging power can be bigger and faster charging.


While the 45W charger is designed for devices that can handle higher wattage for faster charging, not all devices are capable of utilizing the full 45W. Devices that are not designed for 45W charging will simply charge at the maximum rate they can handle, which may be closer to 25W.

45WOkOKSmall laptop: OK

Heat Management

As a general rule, higher wattage chargers like the 45W may generate more heat. But with the rise of gallium nitride technology, the heating problem of high-power chargers has been greatly improved. If you need to know about GaN chargers, you can read this article:

Size and Portability

There might be a slight difference in the size and portability of the two chargers, with the 45W charger potentially being larger due to its increased power capabilities. With the development of Gallium Nitride technology, Gallium Nitride chargers can achieve a smaller size compared to traditional chargers. Of course, with or without Gallium Nitride technology, 45W is larger than 25W because with higher power, the board will be larger and there will be more components inside, so more space will be required.


The 45W charger is generally more expensive than the 25W charger, reflecting its higher charging capabilities.


In summary, the choice between Samsung’s 25W and 45W chargers largely depends on the charging capabilities of your device. If your device supports 45W fast charging, the 45W charger offers a significant speed advantage. However, for devices that do not support such high wattage, the 25W charger will suffice, providing efficient and safe charging without the additional cost of a higher-wattage charger.

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