Chinese Biggest Mobile Phone Accessories Wholesale Market: Shenzhen Huaqiangbei

Nowadays, it’s easy to wholesale mobile phone accessories from China. Even so, there are lots of things you need to be aware of. In today’s article, I’ll cover.

1.Why wholesale mobile phone accessories from China Huaqiangbei

  • Numerous suppliers

Many suppliers mean that there is great competition among suppliers. In order for the supplier to get the order, the price can usually be kept low. In this way, the buyer’s profit margin will increase. But we must pay special attention to the fact that what you pay for is the eternal truth. If the price quoted by the supplier is extremely low, you must pay more attention. Take wholesale true wireless earphones as an example. At a very low price, you can buy products with the same appearance, but the earphones, batteries, chips, etc. inside may be completely different.

  • Lead the trend of accessories

Huaqiangbei has an extraordinary insight into market trends, or it has always been a leader in the mobile phone accessories market. It is easy to find new and unique designs and many cool options that appeal to modern consumers in the category of mobile phone accessories products. All you’ll need is a good marketing strategy to catapult sales and make money.

For example, one can find both wireless earphones with wireless charging function and normal wireless earphones in the market. What do you think will attract today’s consumers more? wireless earphones with wireless charging function for sure because they lend the ability to keep the earphones charged on the go all day long. Hence, they are in demand and easier to sell.

  • High clone items available

It is difficult for you to buy clone Apple AirPods on websites such as Alibaba or Global Sources, because suppliers are not allowed to sell fakes or clones on these websites, and they will face severe penalties if they are found. It is different in the Huaqiangbei market. You can find all Apple’s imitations, from batteries, data cables, chargers to lightning earphones, AirPods. In Huaqiangbei, the high imitation version can be 99% similar to the original.

  • In stock, fast delivery

The products in Huaqiangbei are basically in stock, as long as the product, price, and payment are confirmed, the supplier can immediately package and ship it for you so that you can receive the goods faster and start selling. The purchase cycle is shortened, so that under the condition of the same profit, the number of overall cycles increases, and the overall profit can increase.

2.The location of Huaqiangbei and how to get there

  • Location

Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

  • How to get there

Take a taxi: You can tell the driver, you need to Huaqiangbei market, then they will take you there

Subway: It’s in Line 7. You can check the below picture

  • Free Guide

If you still don’t know how to get to Huaqiangbei after reading these, you can contact me at any time, I can be your free guide, and take you there. In Huaqiangbei’s suppliers, English is generally not very good. If needed, I can be your translator.

3.Four Facts You Need to Know Before wholesaling mobile phone accessories from Shenzhen Huaqiangbei

Fact 1: Quality Comes First

It is true that price is important, but quality should come first so that your business can last. As such, it is recommended that you spend 5-10% of your money on providing better quality and service.

Take True Wireless Headphone as an example, because unlike other consumer products such as a hard-wearing backpack. Instead, electronics are fragile and are likely to be easily broken. Providing high-quality products will ensure that the products you are selling are durable.

Investing in a high-quality product is especially important if you sell on Amazon because poor-quality products can bring you bad reviews.

Fact 2: Quality Warranty of Mobile Phone Accessories Suppliers

“How long is the quality warranty of mobile phone accessories?” “How can I maintain my electronic products within the warranty period?”

The questions mentioned above are common to all electronics products and are frequently asked by every interested buyer. The warranty period of mobile phone accessories is generally 6-12 months. Take the headsets we make as an example, the warranty period we give customers is generally 12 months. During this period, if there is any quality problem, we can arrange a refund or replenishment for the customer, without the customer sending the bad product back.

Fact 3: Quality Maintenance

When in the process of selling, during the warranty period, when some products have quality problems, usually suppliers may have the following 3 responses:

  • Ignore and disappear
  • You need to send the bad product back before you can exchange it again
  • Need to bear a certain cost

However, our company is different. The warranty period we give to our customers is generally 12 months. During this period, if there is any quality problem, we can arrange a refund or replenishment for the customer. There is no need for the customer to send the broken product back, and there is no need for the customer to acknowledge any fees.

Fact 4: No Need to Find the Real mobile phone accessories Manufacturer

Most Chinese mobile phone accessory manufacturers sell their products to foreign importers through trading companies. These manufacturers will not promote their products online or through trade shows and exhibitions. Therefore, it is difficult to find them anyway.

Therefore, for wholesale phone accessories products, you should just focus on the price of the product, the quality of the product, and the quality of service provided by the suppliers.

If you find an accessories supplier that meets all your requirements, then even if they are a trader, you can cooperate with them and sell the products in your country and get high profits.

4. How to buy mobile phone accessories from Huaqiangbei?

  • First find the Huaqiangbei mobile phone accessories market: Guangxun Communication Market

Huaqiangbei is a comprehensive market for electronic products. If you only need to buy mobile phone accessories, you can go directly to the Guangxun Communication Market, where the suppliers of mobile phone accessories are more concentrated. But if you have time, you can also visit other markets. There are also suppliers of mobile phone accessories.

  • Visit around, compare more suppliers

When you come to Huaqiangbei, you definitely want to buy products with lower prices, but you must not pursue the lowest price too much, because price and quality are in direct proportion anyway. As mentioned earlier, even if you buy a product with the same appearance at the lowest price, the configuration inside may be completely different. So you need to go shopping more, communicate with suppliers more, compare prices more, know the approximate price range, and choose the best price among them.

  • Test product quality

The quality of the product must be tested. One of the headaches of Huaqiangbei is the uneven quality, even if it is the same appearance, the same price, the quality may be different. So you must test it yourself and check the quality yourself. After testing a few more products, you will know which quality product you want and then bargain with the supplier.

If you have confirmed a product and are ready to buy it, you can ask the supplier to open the product for you to see, and you can take a picture and keep it at the bottom. Why do you do this? One can pray for a certain deterrent effect on suppliers, and prove that you also understand the product well so that they can make random quotations. The second is to place suppliers to cut corners. After receiving the bulk goods, you can disassemble one by yourself and compare it with the sample.

  • Confirm the final quantity and price with the supplier

After the sample test is OK, you can start to formally negotiate the price and quantity with the supplier. This may be a relatively long process because both buyers and sellers want to maximize their own profits. In the end, they need to find a balance that can be accepted by both buyers and sellers. This can be mutually beneficial and win-win. Because once a party is not satisfied, it is likely that it will not cooperate next time.

Here are some tips for reducing prices, share with you, you can use them as appropriate

  1. Before, you already visit and talked with other suppliers. Then you can tell this supplier how much lower price the other company will give you. If you can also give me this price, we will make the deal immediately. Generally speaking, you can’t make this price, but he will lower it for you.
  2. If the price is really deadlocked there, you can say that I will not buy it for now, and then look around. If the supplier wants to make an order, he will give you a drop as appropriate
  3. The most important point is not to push the price to the end. Although you can get all the profits, the seller has no profits, and he won’t want to cooperate with you next time, so you may not be so careful about your future requirements. The order is only the beginning, there are after-sales and warranty, etc. at the back. Therefore, a business that allows both parties to be profitable is considered a good business.
  4. Settle down the warranty

The warranty period of mobile phone accessories is generally 6-12 months. Take the headsets we make as an example, the warranty period we give customers is generally 12 months. During this period, if there is any quality problem, we can arrange a refund or replenishment for the customer, without the customer sending the bad product back.

  • Arrange payment

After all the above are confirmed, you can arrange payment. To buy things in Huaqiangbei, you can pay in RMB. Of course, if you want to pay in US dollars, you can ask the supplier if they have a US dollar account. If so, you can also send them US dollars.

  • Supplier deliver the goods

After the payment is completed, the supplier will arrange the delivery. If you are still in China, the customer will inspect the goods so that the quality is more guaranteed. Or if you don’t have time, you can arrange for a Chinese person you know to inspect the goods

5. Several tips for dealing with Huaqiangbei suppliers

  • Download WeChat

WeChat is the most commonly used communication tool in China, so in order to communicate with Chinese suppliers, it is necessary to download a WeChat App.

  • Take a translator with you

In Huaqiangbei, many suppliers do not speak very good English. Bringing a translator with you can help you communicate more fluently. Or you can have a Chinese who is good at English accompany and translate. This way the communication efficiency is higher.

  • Shop more, compare more

Go to Huaqiangbei, you must visit more. Communicate more with suppliers, compare prices more, know the approximate price range, and choose the best price among them.

6.Transportation of mobile phone accessories

For ordinary mobile phone accessories without batteries, transportation is very simple and convenient. However, for mobile phone accessories with batteries, such as TWS earphones, transportation is relatively difficult. MSDS, UN38.3, seaborne appraisal, airborne appraisal, etc. are required for air or sea transportation. There are several express agents in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, who offer special ways to help you transport lithium batteries to your country. However, it may cost you 50% more than the ordinary expenses.


Wholesaling mobile phone accessories from China maybe a little more complicated. Although we are a factory of earphones, we still have reliable sources like cable, charger, phone case, power bank, etc. If have any problems, feel free to leave us a comment or contact us to help you source or customize accessories.

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