Five key factors that affect the sound quality of True Wireless Earphone?

True Wireless Earphone is the full name of TWS earbuds that people often say now. With the development of technology, wireless has become a market trend. True Bluetooth earphone allows you to enjoy the wonderful feeling of music anytime, anywhere without being restricted by the cable. Today’s article we will focus on the factors that affect the sound quality of Truly Wireless Earbuds.

Chapter 1: Bluetooth version
Chapter 2: Bluetooth chip
Chapter 3: Headphone Speaker
Chapter 4: The material of the headphone body
Chapter 5: The role of the tuner

Chapter 1: Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth version is a very important aspect that affects the sound quality of the TWS Bluetooth headset. The higher the Bluetooth version, the faster and more stable the signal transmission. People will experience less signal disconnection and sound freezes during calls and songs. Phenomenon, currently the TWS Bluetooth headphone products on the market generally use the Bluetooth version 5.0.

Chapter 2: Bluetooth chip

The quality of the True Wireless earphone signal transmission effect is mainly determined by the TWS earphone chip. In addition, whether the chip comes with DSP digital noise reduction technology, CVC echo processing technology, whether it supports APT-X, AAC, LDAC and other technologies are also factors that affect the sound quality of the TWS Bluetooth earphone. In addition, the performance of different brands of chips is still very different. At present, the performance of CSR’s Bluetooth chips is better than that of Airoda, Chuangjie and other companies. The mainstream chips on the market now include the following:

*W1 H1 (Apple)

Chapter 3: Headphone Speaker

A large part of the sound quality of TWS Bluetooth earphone is determined by the speakers, and the sound quality effects presented by the speakers are determined by the magnets, diaphragms, and voice coil cables in the speakers. Nowadays, there are mainly 4 kinds of commonly used speakers:

*Normal copper ring speaker
*High molecular polymer horn speaker
*Cashmere composite film speaker
*Titanium composite speaker

Chapter 4: The material of the headphone body

The material of the main part of the True wireless earphone is also very important. The sound quality of the metal cavity is slightly higher than that of the plastic earphone. The commonly used metal materials are brass and stainless steel. The reason why use metal is that metal has a faster transmission speed and a more stable vibration frequency, which can not only show better sound quality but also protect the ears.

Chapter 5: The role of the tuner

When the earphone material and structure are settled , a good tuner is also very important, he can make the sound quality of the TWS Bluetooth earphone to a higher level.

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