How to choose between Wired Headphone VS Wireless headphones

Now there are more and more types of earphones, such as wired headphone, wireless in-ear headphone, wireless over-ear headphone, true wireless earphones, ANC true wireless earphone. Because of the more and more choices, people are becoming more and more difficult. choose. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of wired headphones and wireless headphones and help you decide on what type of headphones would be best suited for your personality and lifestyle

Pro and cons of wired headphones


  • Sound Quality

*The sound quality is better. At least for the current level of headset production. Because Bluetooth transmits pure digital signals, the playback effect of the headset has nothing to do with the playback device. It depends purely on the decoding capability of the headset itself. The general bluetooth headset is often very small, there is no way to build a good decoder.

*The wired headphone calling and recording functions are good. Normally, the transmission distance of a Bluetooth headset is very limited. Exceeding the distance will result in poor call quality.

  • Price

Compared with wireless headphones, the price of wired earphone is cheaper. Of course, the price of earphones of different brands will be quite different. If you want to choose a wired earphone with a relatively high cost performance, you can choose our S200 wired earphone

S200 Wired Headphones
  • No battries/ charging (Unlimited playtime)

The wired headphones doesn’t need charger nor batteries. As long as your wired earphone plug into the audio devices, then you can use the headphones

  • Easy to use

The wired headphones has a plug-and-play setting. Just plug it into your audio device and it can play your audio immediately.

With them, you will not face any risk of uncertian wireless interference and pairing problems. Considering these factors, it is undeniable that they are more user-friendly than wireless.


  • Restricted range of activities

Usually the wire length of wired earphones/ headphones is about 1 meter. This means that if you use a wired headphone, the distance between you and your audio devices cannot be more than one meter, otherwise the headphones will not work

And then the wire of wired headphone likes to knotting, I bet you must be crazy when you are untie the wire.

  • The wire is easily damaged

When using the wired headset, sometimes it may accidentally catch other heavy objects. then the wire is more likely to be damaged. To cope this problem, each of our earphones will be tested for a one kilogram weight to ensure that our earphones are intact and undamaged when they are suddenly pulled by heavy objects.

  • Compatibility

For new phone models, like Apple and Samsung, their charging port and headphone port have been merged into one port, and the original 3.5mm port has been cancelled. So now the applicability of wired headphone is not so wide.

Pro and cons of wireless headphones


  • Larger range of activities

Wireless headphones provide a wide range of motion. With them, you can move freely without worrying about accidentally pulling the power cord. This can also solve the inconvenience of carrying the audio source with you.

  • Compatible with more modern devices

With the development of technology, wireless will become a trend. As long as the mobile phone or other device has Bluetooth function, it can be connected to the Bluetooth headset. It seems that the use of Bluetooth headsets is wider.

  • More portable

Because there are no wires and other accessories, Wireless earphones are generally made very small and light. This makes it more convenient for people to carry. like our K6 True wireless earphone, you can put it into your wallet or packet, not taking up space at all

  • No more wires

Without the restraint of the wire, the movement is more free. At the same time, it saves the trouble of unknotting the wire.


  • Requires charging

Because the battery capacity of the Wireless headphone is limited, it must be charged after a period of time. If you don’t charge, when the headset’s battery runs out, you won’t be able to use it. And when the headset is in low power, the signal of the headset will be relatively poor, which affects the use of the headset.

  • More expensive

Because the wireless headphone has more parts and the production process is more complicated, the price is much higher than that of the wired headphone.

  • Battery life is limited

After the battery is used for a long time, it will not be so durable. For example, you can use a full charge in the past for 4-5 hours, but when the battery is used for a long time, you can only use it for 2-3 hours.

  • Using process is more complicate: Connectivity and pairing issues

Comparing to wired headphone, the usage of wireless headphone is more complicate. You need to open the devices Bluetooth function first, then search the wireless headphone match name, then connect.

Which people are more suitable for wired headphones

  • Office workers
  • Those who have higher requirements for sound quality
  • Game player who can’t affort to buy a professional lower latency wireless headphones
  • People who want to save money
  • People who like the simple plug in and out

Which people are more suitable for wireless headphones

  • Athletes or people like excercise
  • People who like travelling
  • People who want to follow the trend
  • People with sufficient budget

In the battle of wired headphones and wireless headphones, in the end, it’s all matter of priorities and personal preference. When you pay high attention on sound quality, then wired headphones is your better choice. When your main focus is convenience and other additional features, then nothing can compare to wireless headphones.

With the development of tech, when the gap between convenience, sound quality and other features can be bridge. We will have a prefect headphones in our hands soon.

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